Vacuum product developer and manufacturer Edwards Vacuum has released its latest turbomolecular pump which the company highlights as being, “The smallest pump in its class on the market.”

The nEXT85 builds upon the company’s previous EXT75DX model but with significantly improved performance capabilities in a smaller, compact package.

The new nEXT85 rotor has been optimised to achieve both higher speeds and higher compression than its predecessor and is suited towards high energy physics applications and analytical instrument uses.

The new instrument features a unique, in-built infrared temperature sensor directly measuring the rotor temperature for improved thermal control and also incorporates an on-board USB port to connect with Edwards’ free nST software, even when the pump is in use.

John Wood, Senior Product Manager, Scientific Pumps at the UK-based business, enthused, “We are delighted to launch the new nEXT85 – it is an incredible leap in technology, offering class leading performance for all applications, and yet is the smallest pump in its class on the market.”

Edwards n ext85 turbomolecular pump

Source: Edwards Vacuum