Edwards Vacuum, manufacturer of vacuum and abatement solutions, has reached a major milestone of 10,000 Edwards inward fired combustion abatement systems installed worldwide.

Edwards calculates that its abatement systems have prevented emissions equivalent to over 14 million tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2) in 2017.

“The safety and efficiency of our Atlas abatement solutions have been key factors for success with our customers worldwide,” said Scott Balaguer, Vice-President & General Manager, Semiconductor Division North America.

“Close collaboration between our applications support team and customers has been essential; it has allowed us to develop and continually improve solutions tailored for specific semiconductor processes,” he continued.

Balaguer adds, “Today, we celebrate this milestone as a tribute to the successful partnerships that we have had with our customers over the years. These partnerships have enabled us to truly understand our customers’ changing processes and develop the best solutions for their needs.”

Edwards has installed 10,000 inward fired combustion systems in semiconductor fabs world-wide since the product was introduced over two decades ago. The first standalone inward fired combustion abatement system was launched in 1994 as a solution for the reduction of greenhouse emissions in semiconductor fabs. Since then, the Atlas platform has been extended to include both standalone abatement and integrated vacuum/abatement models, including variants to target specific semiconductor processes (and the abatement of their specific gases and emissions) and provide the best possible performance and efficiency in each case. Many of the first-built systems are still running in fabs today.