Electronic Fluorocarbons LLC (EFC) has enrolled in partnership with Lehigh University in Pennsylvania, US, to develop gas manufacturing techniques for electronics applications.

As part of the Industrial Liaison programme, the US-based gas supplier will occupy a research laboratory in the Chemistry Department of Lehigh, gaining access to the university’s analytical equipment to support the fundamental science behind its development of new materials.

These include rare and electronic specialty gases, using advanced fluorine chemistry and purification techniques.

EFC will take a leading research role in the development, chemical synthesis and commercial manufacturing of said materials, with an emphasis on applications for the electronics sector.

Dr. Robert Syvret, recently appointed as EFC’s Chief Scientist responsible for research and development of high-purity specialty and rare gases, has also been named as a University Research Fellow as part of the cooperation.

Syvret, who holds over 30 years of experience in industrial fluorine chemistry and owns over 75 patents, said EFC is “anticipating a fruitful collaboration” between the two parties. 

EFC offers the latest technology for the purification and analysis of specialty and rare gases for the medical, electronics and semiconductor manufacturing industries.