The Energy Institute (EI) will be hosting a series of events under the theme of ‘Energy in Transition - towards a low carbon future’ this summer, held as a 3-day programme of events from 8th -10th July 2008 at the Institute of Directors in London, UK.

Global energy supply and demand is at a critical point where the future supply of traditional sources of energy is under pressure and new forms are not yet mature enough to fill the likely energy gap. Meanwhile, demand is growing more rapidly than ever and there is a need to reduce energy consumption, energy intensity and carbon emissions.

The inaugural Energy in Transition programme provides a forum for energy professionals to take the lead in changing our energy future, and comprises three conferences, the prestigious Melchett Lecture, and an EI Annual Summer Lunch. Renowned speakers on energy efficiency, sustainable supply, climate change and energy security will be participating throughout the three days.

Energy in Transition promises to be an important event in the energy industry calendar, tackling the key energy challenges head-on and providing opportunities for sharing good practice.