The European Industrial Gases Association (EIGA) has issued updated guidelines on the management of waste gas cylinders.

EIGA has altered Document 166/11 – Guidelines on management of waste composite cylinders to EIGA Document 166/16 – Guidelines on management of waste gas cylinders.

As such, the guidelines have been extensively revised to apply to all gas cylinders that are made of seamless steel, aluminium alloy, welded steel and a composite construction that need to be disposed of at the end of their service life.

The industrial gas industry utilises cylinders to store and transport gases. The majority of these vessels are made of metal and have different types and methods of construction, such as seamless or welded construction.

Because these cylinders contain gases under pressure, this represents a hazard to be accounted for in the management of the cylinder at the end of its life.

The revised document outlines appropriate prevention and continued use methods, extended producer responsibilities, as well as waste management options and processes.