The European Industrial Gases Association (EIGA) has revealed details of its first major gathering for the year ahead, with the EIGA Winter Session 2010 to be held in Brussels. Belgium this January.

Scheduled for 27th January 2010, the Winter Session event will include an IGC Meeting, EIGA Board of Directors Meeting, and an EIGA Ordinary Meeting.

Furthermore, the following day (28th January) will see EIGA host its first workshop session of the new year, focusing on the Safe Management of Special Gases, also staged in Brussels.

The one-day workshop will address key safety, operational and regulatory issues relating to the safe management of special gases throughout the supply chain.

It’s hoped that the workshop will attract attendance from operational, technical and business managers, risk, safety and quality specialists, product specialists, gas facility managers, and laboratory analysts.

This shouldn’t be too difficult, given the wide range of topics to be covered at the event. Presentations by industry experts will explore Lessons learnt from incidents, REACH compliant safety datasheets, Safety and security during transport and storage, Safety and disposal issues at filling plants, Safe preparation of flammable-oxidant mixtures, Handling fluorine and nitrogen trifluoride, and Special gases in the photovoltaic industry.

EIGA welcomes registration forms and enquiries for the workshop event and further information can be found at: