The Infra Group’s joint venture subsidiary in El Salvador, INFRASAL, has announced the expansion of its production capacity with the introduction of a brand new plant.

A leader in the production and nationwide distribution of gases like oxygen, nitrogen, argon, hydrogen, and helium for both industrial and medical use, INFRASAL’s new gas production plant will meet the needs of El Salvador’s gases market for the next 10 years.

The project arises at a time when gases demand is increasing in the country. As technological developments continue to be made, industries in the region such as food & beverages, electronics, and healthcare all require more and more gases as important components in their production processes.

The new cryogenic plant, at an investment of over $13m, was selected and acquired according to these developing demands in the market and with a maximum capacity of around 100 tons per day (tpd) – 50 tpd of liquid oxygen, nitrogen and argon and another 50tpd of gaseous nitrogen.

The complex will include a hydrogen plant and provide a five-fold increase in capacity, with the location of the facilities chosen to serve strategic clients in the San Bartolo area and as an excellent position to effectively serve the whole country.

High quality & low imports
INFRASAL notes that the new installation and related equipment will bring a whole range of benefits, including reliability and high quality of supply to high volume customers in the medical, electronics and steel industries.

It’s thought that the plant will also guarantee the high quality gas supply necessary for current and future economic development, while reducing gas imports and generating more income and jobs for the country.

The hydrogen plant is set to start operations in the second semester of this year and the cryogenic plant at the beginning of 2010, while the project has been supported by the Ministries of Economy and Environment and it is thought that it will take three years to be fully developed.

With 50 years of business in the country, INFRASAL is a joint venture formed in 2003 between the Salvadorian Company Oxígeno y Gases de El Salvador, S.A. of C.V., (OXGASA) and the Mexican-American group INFRA/Air Products.

Infra has a long trajectory in serving the gases market in Mexico and Central America and Air Products with operations worldwide.