Dr. Robert George Syvret has joined Electronic Fluorocarbons (EF) as Chief Scientist responsible for research and development of high purity specialty gases, fluorocarbons, and rare gases, as well as future advanced materials.

Dr. Robert George Syvret, Chief Scientist, Electronic Fluorocarbons.

Dr. Robert George Syvret, Chief Scientist, Electronic Fluorocarbons.

Syvret will also be involved in designing and organising EF’s state-of-the-art R&D facility at Hatfield Township, replacing a smaller facility in Ivyland, Pennsylvania.

With 75+ patents, peer-reviewed publications, and technical conference presentations, Syvret, who recently was named a Fellow of the American Chemical Society, brings to the position 30 years of industrial experience in fluorine chemistry, fluorination technologies, and manufacture of fluorine products. His experiences at academic institutions and in corporate research facilities has given him expertise with the production and process control, purification, safety protocols, and applications of these specialty high-purity gases worldwide.

Pavel Perlov, CEO at EF stated, “Syvret’s expertise will help EF to conceptualise new molecules, demonstrate lab scale viable processes, and then transition those processes to pilot and manufacturing scale.”

“Now we will able to engage with our suppliers, OEMs, and end users to further develop our product line,” he added.

EF offers the latest technology in purification and analysis of specialty and rare gases for the medical, electronics, and semiconductor manufacturing industries, among others.