Linx Consulting’s Electronic Specialty Gas Conference will be held in person at Wild Horse Pass in Chandler, Arizona, from 19th to 21st October.

The event will be held in Arizona, a state with a booming semiconductor industry, and will provide a forum of engagement and learning around the consumption, technology trends, and drivers for electronic gases and vapour phase materials.

The conference includes sections focusing on developments in advanced gases and vapour phase materials, processes, and systems that are critical to the continued growth of the electronics industry. The conference is designed for executives, technologists, buyers, suppliers, and strategic planners from the electronic gases and systems value chain including end-users, producers, and equipment suppliers.

The 2022 Conference will include the following forums: Industry Challenges and Market Perspectives; Emerging Trends in Purification, Advanced Analytics (methods and equipment); Gas/Vapour Phase Systems and Challenges; Infrastructure and Facilitisation Issues, and Sustainability.

Depending on the number of submissions the conference is also considering the inclusion of an evening poster session and Linx is especially interested in submissions including the following topics: state-of-the-art analytical (laboratory and online) techniques for measuring impurities at the point of use in semiconductor processes; storage flow control and delivery of solid precursors and gases; issues around the adoption and use of rare gases; safety and handling of specialty gases, and purification and filtration of gases. To submit abstracts, contact Mike Corbett at [email protected] by 15th April.

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