Linx Consulting, Inc. will hold its annual Electronic Specialty Gas Conference in a virtual format on 12-14th October.

The Electronic Specialty Gas Conference will spotlight issues on the manufacture, storage, delivery, use and abatement of specialty gases and materials that are essential to the microelectronics industry. 

The conference agenda includes talks from industry leaders and experts representing a wide range of perspectives.

Confirmed keynote speakers include: John Maas, Engineering and Construction Quality Manager at Micron Technology; Benjamin Jurcik, Scientific Director at Air Liquide; Bryan Hendrix, Sr. Principal Scientist, at Entegris Company; David Thompson, Managing Director, Chemistry and Device Materials at Applied Materials; Yi-Hsiu Hsiao, TSMC; Phil Kornbluth, Kornbluth Helium Consulting; Richard Betzendahl, Betzendahl Gas Consultants; Tony Lachiewicz, of EMD Electronics and Mike Corbett and Andy Tuan, both of US-based hosts Linx Consulting.

“There has been a growing awareness that semiconductor technology is a key enabler for connecting people during this time of restrictive traveling and social distancing,” Linx said in a statement.

“Though we will miss the face-to-face interactions, which are an essential part of this conference, there will be virtual networking sessions each day for attendees to interact with each other and with our sponsors.”

There will also be special Asia morning sessions each day for select talks to allow for direct communication with the speakers.