Emerson Process Management has enhanced its Rosemount Analytical OCX8800 oxygen and combustibles transmitter to offer advanced functionality and reliability in coal-fired applications.

The new OCX8800 helps to improve burner efficiency and reduce nitrogen oxide emissions.

Featuring oxygen and combustibles measurement capabilities in a single design, it boasts an improved sensor technology that reduces drift, and is the first transmitter of its kind to support FOUNDATION fieldbus communications.

$quot;Until now, coal-fired facilities had an unmet need for reliable oxygen and combustibles data because environmental conditions prohibited the supply of information,$quot; said George Keeler of Emerson's Rosemount Analytical Process Analytic division.

$quot;The rugged design and new sensor technology of the OCX8800 has finally made it possible to achieve stable and reliable measurements under many coal-fired conditions. Access to this data helps operators fine-tune the fuel-to-air ratio and minimise nitrous oxide emissions by properly monitoring burner performance.$quot;

The OCX8800 is easy-to-install with no electronics box, probe cable or conduit, and features a universal power supply for automatic line-voltage selection. It also supports FOUNDATION fieldbus and HART communication.