Emerson is strengthening its footprint in the carbon capture space, having confirmed its membership in Carbon Management Canada’s (CMC) carbon capture and storage programme.

The US-based manufacturing and technology company earlier this month (June 2022) said the move is an important step in its collective decarbonisation journey.

Formed in 2009, CMC is a joint partnership programme that focuses on developing and implementing cost-effective, secure and practical carbon capture and storage (CCS) solutions. 

Welcoming Emerson to the initiative, Greg Maidment, Director of Operations and Applied Research and CMC, said, “We’re excited Emerson has joined our Joint Industry Partnership.” 

“CMC injects CO2 and uses monitoring technologies to detect and track the movement of the CO2 stored underground. We share those findings with our member companies.”

“The work we’re doing at the site is cutting edge and Emerson will be able to expand their knowledge in CCUS to meet their decarbonisation goals.”

Mike Train, Senior Vice-President and Chief Sustainability Officer at Emerson, added, “Emerson’s partnership with CMC is a significant opportunity to research and highlight the capabilities that will be needed for large-scale carbon sequestration.”

“Capturing carbon and safely sequestering it underground will be critical to achieving a Net Zero world. CMC is a very unique and strategic facility for understanding how to do this under real operating conditions.”

“The potential for what we can learn at the site – and ultimately share with stakeholders around the world – is an important step on our collective decarbonisation journey.”