Emerson Automation Solutions (Emerson) has launched the Rosemount CT5800 continuous gas analyser.

The RosemountTM CT5800 is the first Quantum Cascade Laser (QCL) analyser designed for industrial process applications requiring Class one, Division two hazardous area certification built within a flameproof enclosure.

The analysers unique cell design enables high-accuracy measurement of concentrations of impurities down to low ppm levels in the gas streams with exceptional linearity of response and repeatability, and incorporates up to six laser modules housed inside the same enclosure.

The CT5800 analyser can measure up to 12 components simultaneously, greatly reducing the need for multiple analysers. In addition, the CT5800 has no consumables and calibration is rarely required, keeping cost of operation low.

Like all analysers in the CT5000 family, the CT5800 combines tunable diode laser (TDL) and QCL technologies within the same analyser. The system uses a patented ‘laser chirp’ to provide near-instant high-resolution spectroscopy to detect and identify a range of molecules in both the near and mid infared range of spectroscopic light with an enhanced dynamic range from sub ppm to percent levels.

Amanda Gogates, Product Manager for Rosemount QCL Analysers, Emerson, commented, “In ethylene manufacturing and natural gas processing for example, establishing the purity of the gas is essential to meeting contractual requirements as well as maintaining process optimisation and safety. Operators need to perform this analysis as accurately as possible – without wasting time or money.”

Gogates continued, “The CT5800 provides increased levels of measurement accuracy while allowing multiple components to be analysed simultaneously. Fast analysis time, as low as five seconds in some applications, ensures timely delivery of critical information for process monitoring and control. At the same time, the hazardous certification assures the analyser can be used in even the harshest and most threatening environments.”

The Rosemount™ CT5800 continuous gas analyser.

The Rosemount CT5800 continuous gas analyser.