Emerson has introduced a high-performance version of its Rosemount™ 3308 Guided Wave Radar (GWR) Wireless Level Transmitter.

The transmitter is the first stand-alone radar level device to comply with the API 18.2 standard that provides guidance for crude oil custody transfer from small lease tanks. 

The transmitter – part of Emerson’s Plantweb™ digital ecosystem portfolio of transformational technologies, software and services – delivers enhanced accuracy which can be verified without opening a tank’s thief hatch, an important safety improvement.

The Rosemount™ 3308 Guided Wave Radar Wireless Level Transmitter

The Rosemount™ 3308 Guided Wave Radar Wireless Level Transmitter

Source: Emerson

The Rosemount™ 3308 Guided Wave Radar Wireless Level Transmitter

“The API 18.2 standard places strict accuracy demands on level measurement instrumentation because high levels of uncertainty during custody transfer can have significant financial implications,” said Christoffer Widahl, product management lead with Emerson’s measurement and analytic business.

“Measurement precision is therefore essential in these applications, and the enhanced performance of the Rosemount 3308 delivers high accuracy required to reduce uncertainty and comply with API 18.2,” Widahl continued.

An upgraded microwave module makes the Rosemount 3308 more tolerant to difficult process conditions, delivering a more sensitive and repeatable measurement and higher accuracy.

API 18.2 requires level transmitter to operate with 1/8” (3mm) resolution and 3/16” (4.7mm) measurement accuracy, which the Rosemount 3308 achieves when set up in high-performance mode. This then enables it to achieve the installed accuracy of ¼” (6.3mm) required to comply with API 18.2. In standard mode, the accuracy of the device has been improved to 1/5” (5mm).

Accuracy can be verified in a few minutes using the Rosemount VeriCase mobile verification tool.

The Rosemount 3308 delivers reliability in continuous level and interface monitoring application in refineries, oil fields, offshore platforms and chemical plants, providing a cost-effective standardised solution across an entire facility.

For applications involving interfaces, the high accuracy of the Rosemount 3308 helps maintain product separation by issuing an early warning if an interface is identified where there should be only one liquid.

Wireless technology significantly reduces installation and configuration time for level measurement applications and can typically reduce costs by 30% compared with a wired solution.

The Rosemount 3308 can be installed and operating in less than an hour – reliably transmitting data via a wireless gateway to control system or data historian.