Emerson has made new leadership changes to help the company’s focus on creating value and driving innovative solutions for essential industries.

Following the announcement made yesterday (17th Feb), Ram Krishnan (pictured top left), who leads final control for Emerson, has been promoted to Executive Vice-President and Chief Operating Officer.

Having joined Emerson in 1994, Krishnan has extensive experience across both Automation Solutions and Commercial & Residential Solutions.


Source: Emerson

In his new Chief Operating Officer role, Krishnan will oversee global supply chain operations, information technology, and mergers and acquisitions.

He will also join Emerson’s Office of the Chief Executive, which helps develop and guide Emerson’s global business strategies.

“Emerson has long served as a strategic partner for some of the world’s leading companies, helping them implement advanced solutions to optimise their operations and protect personnel while achieving vital sustainability goals,” Karsanbhai said.


Source: Emerson

Mark Bulanda (pictured bottom left), who currently serves as Senior-Vice President of Planning and Development, will become the new Executive President of Automation Solutions.

Within his new role, Bulanda will oversee Automation Solutions, a $11.2bn business that was most recently led by Karsanbhai.

Commenting on Bulanda’s new role, Karsanbhai, added, “Mark has demonstrated exceptional leadership throughout his Emerson career.”

“His experience with Automation Solutions will be a tremendous benefit to the business, and his key role in helping shape Emerson’s strategic acquisitions toward more software gives him unique insight into every market that we serve.”

“Mark will hit the ground running and lead the platform to continued growth.”

Steve Pelch, who has served as executive Vice-President and Chief Operating Officer since 2018, will leave the organisation to pursue other opportunities.

Pelch began his career with Emerson in 1987 and joined the Office of the Chief Executive in 2014. He successfully led businesses throughout the US prior to leading Emerson’s Fisher Controls business in Asia.

From 2005 to 2012, Pelch served as Vice-President of Corporate Planning, where he oversaw strategy and helped with portfolio management decisions. He then served as Emerson’s Executive Vice-President of Planning, Leadership Development and Human Resources before becoming Chief Operating Officer in 2018.

“Steve’s contributions to Emerson through the years are many,” Karsanbhai said.

“He and his team were critical in maintaining the strength of our supply chain and global manufacturing facilities, particularly as Covid-19 created challenges for many others worldwide. We thank Steve for everything he has done for Emerson and wish him future success.”