Global manufacturing and technology company Emerson has introduced the Performance Learning Platform, a technology training solution that enables hands-on training to prepare workers to maintain their plant safely and efficiently.

The platform highlights the skills essential to fostering digital transformation, whilst helping to close the workforce skills gap. Emerson’s collaboration with both the private industry and high education has revealed an urgent need to address the gap in digital technologies.

According to a 2018 Manufacturing Institute Study, the skills gap may leave an estimated 2.4million positions unfilled between 2018 and 2028.

“We designed the Performance Learning Platform as a flexible, hands-on training tool with real-world instrumentation that will help bridge a critical knowledge and skills gap that continues to challenge the industry,” said Jeff Hackney, Global Educational Services Director for Emerson’s Automation Solutions business.

“This gap exists in large part because technological advances are outpacing the industry’s current training strategies and tools,” said Hackney.

The Performance Learning Platform aims to help a new generation of workers become adept at applying, using and maintaining the latest digital automation technologies. The platform also provides process control and instrumentation simulation to train or refresh current workers on how to monitor and control complex operations.

Ranken Technical College in St Louis, US, has worked closely with Emerson to develop and utilise the platform for developing the skills Ranken students now need in the workforce. 

“Rapid integration of emerging technologies is crucial for future economic growth,” said Stan Shoun, president of Ranken Technical College.

“The Performance Learning Platform allows industry and education to provide the hands-on automation training needed globally. Ranken is very proud to be part of this initiative,” Shoun concluded.

The platform is another offering in Emerson’s portfolio of advanced workforce development offerings.