Emerson Climate Technologies Inc. has released its new Horizontal CryoScroll compressors with improved performance and higher efficiency, as well as an expanded operating envelope over its industry proven predecessors, the Vertical CroScroll compressors.

Emerson Climate’s cryogenic scroll compressors have been designed specifically to operate with helium refrigerant applications such as MRI machines and semiconductor or R&D applications requiring operating temperatures as low as -450oF.

Among the many advantages the new Horizontal CryoScroll compressors have over the Vertical CryoScroll compressors are, a single oil sump, copper tubes for plumbing connections, and improved oil management due to primary and secondary oil separators. The Copeland Scroll proprietary design has demonstrated its exceptional performance characteristics and outstanding energy efficiency in the most demanding applications.

Emerson Climate Technologies Inc. is the world’s leading manufacturer of Copeland brand products, offering more than 10,000 compressor models in a full range of technologies. The company led the introduction of scroll technology to the air conditioning and refrigeration markets and is considered to be poised for future success in cryogenic applications.