Emerson has released two new Rosemount™ 628 Universal Gas Sensors to measure carbon monoxide and oxygen depletion in additon to hydrogen sulphide measuring capabilities.

The new sensors enable a broader range of hazardous situations to be monitored using the Rosemount 928 Wireless Gas Monitor platform.

The Rosemount 928 Wireless Gas Monitor is suitable for monitoring hazardous conditions in process plants, remote wellheads, pipelines, storage terminals and other facilities.

For easy installation and maintenance, the Rosemount 928 Gas Monitor has hot-swappable main components, including the power module and the Rosemount 628 toxic gas sensor.

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Source: Emerson

Rosemount™ 628 Universal Gas Sensor

“Hydrogen sulphide monitoring is vital to personnel safety, leading many facilities to install Rosemount 928 Wireless Gas Monitors,” said Joshua Hernandez, Global Product Manager of Flame and Gas Detection at Emerson Automation Solutions. 

“Having the ability to monitor for oxygen depletion and carbon monoxide is a major step forward in wireless gas monitoring.”

With the addition of sensors for carbon monoxide and oxygen depletion detection, the monitors can be used for other applications, or additional gas monitors can be deployed.

“Companies can now solve a long-time challenging safety issue simply and cost-effectively, which shows the power of wireless network technologies.”

“Current wireless network users can benefit from the new gas sensing types which greatly increase toxic gas safety at their sites.”