Global engineering and technology company Emerson has introduced its new Lumity supervisory control platform for complete refrigeration and facility management.

Designed to streamline facility management and simplify operational complexities, the Lumity supervisory control platform gives users two facility management control device options: the Lumity supervisory control E3 with an integrated touch-screen display, and the Lumity supervisory control SS with optional mounted display.

With the same form and fit as the previous version E2 controller, the Lumity E3 controller is a quick drop-in replacement to the E2. The Lumity SS controller delivers the same robust performance in a smaller footprint. Both hardware options are fully backward compatible with I/O Net and MultiFlex devices.


Source: Emerson

“Our new Lumity supervisory control platform is flexible enough to be used as a stand-alone refrigeration controller, a building management system or a site aggregator across multiple system controls,” said Sam Smith, Director of Product Management for Emerson.

“Forward scalability and backward compatibility help ensure that the facility can evolve with ever-changing demands of consumers.”