Emerson has enhanced its DeltaV™ Mobile app to ensure plant personnel have faster access to process information and to help organisations tailor the notifications workers receive.

The mobile app, which provides read-only access to a plant’s distributed control system and operation data, now offers improved customisation and access to third-party systems.

App users will quickly be able to respond to process information and changes, including held batches, production bottlenecks and potential safety issues.

The app’s new customised notifications will provide users with fast access to essential information and enables teams to decide how they handle notification escalation and response. Notification escalation paths now include user-specific time delays, reminders, and limits for each stakeholder in the organisation.

Open Platform Communication (OPC) browsing allows users to create watch lists and custom alerts from any OPC classic data source. Additionally, the new bulk editing tool allows users to bulk-create lists in spreadsheet applications, making it easier to create personalised watch lists and alarms lists.