Emerson’s Anderson Greenwood 9300H pressure relief valve is helping LNG marine transportation customers to maximise space and reduce costs.

Emerson's Anderson Greenwood 9300H low pressure pilot operated pressure relief valve

Emerson’s Anderson Greenwood 9300H low pressure pilot operated pressure relief valve

Source: Emerson

The new, smaller valve means end users to reduce their initial pressure relief valve investment at the shipyard by up to 25 percent.

Designed specifically for marine LNG tanks on ships, floating production or storage units, the valve provides leak-free operation up to set pressure with an additional 10.5% flow capacity over valves currently available on the market.

The additional capacity reduces the required size of the valve providing initial purchase savings, with additional savings on the associated piping, fittings and expansion elbows.

It allows ship owners and operators to efficiently fulfil their critical overpressure protection requirements with smaller-sized valves and associated piping.

“LNG continues to play an increasing role in global energy,” said Brett Bockeloh, product manager for pressure relief valves, Emerson Automation Solutions.

“As the world pushes to keep pace with growing LNG demand, the need for innovative, reliable overpressure protection solutions has never been greater.

”The Anderson Greenwood 9300H’s combination of performance and reliability puts our customers in the best position to achieve their goals without the need to compromise on safety or their budget.”

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