ExxonMobil Research and Engineering Company (EMRE) and QuestAir Technologies have announced that they have signed an agreement to jointly market a novel, large capacity hydrogen purifier as a compact solution for hydrogen recovery in the oil refining industry.

QuestAir has been working with EMRE since 2003 to develop this advanced, rapid cycle pressure swing adsorption (RCPSA) system, marketed as the H-6200, for use in oil refineries and petrochemical plants. A prototype plant test is planned at an ExxonMobil refinery beginning the second half of 2006.

Jonathan Wilkinson, president and CEO of QuestAir said: \\$quot;This marketing agreement is a significant milestone in the commercialisation of the advanced hydrogen purifier that QuestAir is developing in collaboration with EMRE. We expect to begin jointly marketing this product to refineries immediately.\\$quot;

The multi-year agreement signed covers the marketing of the H-6200 hydrogen RCPSA to third party customers in the oil refining industry. Under the terms of the agreement, EMRE will lead the marketing effort to refinery customers. QuestAir will support EMRE\\$quot;s marketing efforts, and will be the contracting party responsible for manufacturing, supplying and commissioning of plants sold to refinery customers.

The commercial gain from the sale of the product will be shared between QuestAir and EMRE based on the contributions made by each party towards the research, development and commercialisation of the product.