Gauteng-based business, Energas Technologies, has expanded its product offering across its homeland and has launched Protectoseal’s new tank blanketing valve into the South African market.

According to Energas Technologies, the Protectoseal Series 10 2” Tank Blanketing Valve “boasts the most compact design and fewest external connections of any other pilot-operated valve on the market.”

Protectoseals new series 10 2 tank blanketing valve cropped

The new instrument (left) has been specifically stylised with a pilot-operated design, offering a super tight operating band, along with the inlet and outlet connections being available in many threaded and flanged combinations.

Laetitia Botha, Energas Technologies Product Engineer, highlighted, “We’ve stocked Protectoseal products for 10 years and bringing in the new Series 10 2” Tank Blanketing Valve was a great way for us to offer what the Series 20 1” could not provide for larger flow applications.”

Botha continued to explain, “Protectoseal is the industry leading manufacturer of environmentally sensitive safety products and an important supplier to Energas Technologies’ range of products. By offering its latest in tank blanketing valve technology, we are able to offer our customers not only a safety-enhancing product, but one that facilitates operational efficiency and minimises wastage.”

The Series 10 also offers both status port and single port sensing options, enabling both remote monitoring via pressure transmitter and single connection mounting. 

Tank blanketing effectively minimises stored product evaporation and reduces emission levels as well as protecting the tank’s contents from external contamination, by regulating the pressure of inert gas on top of stored liquid and maintaining a non-flammable atmosphere.


Energas is a leading supplier of high-end and specialised equipment to the oil and gas industries and been active in the Southern African market since 2001.