ENGIE, a leading energy and services company focused on three key activities: production and supply of energy, facilities management and regeneration, has been awarded Carbon Trust Dual Certification for Carbon and Waste.

The company scored 81% for carbon and 76% for waste reflecting the success of it’s ‘Our Future Plan’, delivering a strong corporate responsibility governance framework, accounting and proactive management.

This is the first time ENGIE UK & Ireland has had the entirety of its carbon and waste performance verified and certified this way.

Since 2012, ENGIE has achieved a 24% reduction in Scope 1 and 2 carbon emissions and is aiming for 30% in 2018. These considerable reductions have been driven by key initiatives such as the promotion of video and audio conferencing, increased use of public transport and a Green Fleet Strategy with targets for 20% electric vehicles by 2020 and 0% diesel vehicles by 2025.

The company’s utility consumption has also seen reductions as a result of energy efficiency measures identified through the ESOS process and ISO 50001 delivered in-house for selected offices. This has been further supported by the use of its own C3NTINEL system, a smart buildings platform also available to its clients.

Over the same period, ENGIE has reduced its waste generated by 89% and waste to landfill by an impressive 97%. Major drivers for these improvements have been the companies decarbonisation strategy within the energy business coupled with a focus on innovation championed by a dedicated team that frequently identify products that promote efficiency and reduce waste. Contracts also compete to be at the top of the Green League each month allowing small and large contracts alike to compete for recognition and to share best practice.

Jamie Quinn, CR & Environment Director, ENGIE UK & Ireland commented, “Achieving dual certification from the Carbon Trust is an excellent achievement and one that confirms our commitments to sustainable business in the UK. We are committed to being a leading part of the low carbon transition and will continue to decarbonise our business and grow our energy efficiency and renewable energy offering for clients and customers.”

ENGIE enables customers to embrace a lower carbon, more efficient and increasingly digital world. Customers benefit from energy efficient and smart building solutions, the provision of effective and innovative services, the transformation of neighbourhoods through regeneration projects, and the supply of reliable, flexible and renewable energy.