ENGIE has signed an agreement to become one of the main partners of the world’s first energy self-sufficient seagoing vessel powered by hydrogen (H2).

The experimental catamaran aims to make the first-ever trip around the world powered solely by H2 and renewable energies with zero greenhouse gas or fine particle emissions.

Energy Observer, which was officially launched in Brittany, France, on 14th April 2017, will travel around 50 countries on a six-year world tour. Its main challenge is to aim for self-reliance through energy coupling and the carbon-free production of H2.

The H2 used to power the catamaran will be produced via the electrolysis of seawater. It will be compressed, stored and converted into electricity via an on-board fuel cell.

Energy Observer will demonstrate the feasibility of these technologies under extreme conditions so they can be rolled out on a larger scale, at sea and on land, for mobile and stationary purposes.

ENGIE CEO Isabelle Kocher stated, “At ENGIE, we believe that harmonious progress is possible. We are proud to share this aspiration with Energy Observer and to play our part in this great adventure, a meeting-point between our expertise and the boldness and the imagination of the whole crew.”

“It is now together that we will accelerate the movement and lead to the emergence of solutions that combine performance and responsibility: let’s identify them, and allow everyone to be an active player in the world of tomorrow!”

Victorien Erussard, Founder and Captain of Energy Observer, explained, “ENGIE’s commitment as Energy Observer’s main partner proves that our vision of virtuous and decarbonised energy prefigures the energy networks of tomorrow. What we are experimenting at the scale of a vessel, ENGIE is already implementing it for our everyday lives, reflecting an energy revolution that is already underway, with hydrogen as the key to its acceleration.”

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Source: Energy Observer