To accelerate global decarbonisation efforts, French energy company ENGIE has launched its carbon intelligence platform Ellipse, claimed by ENGIE to be the ‘world’s most comprehensive’ carbon intelligence platform.

Developed in response to the growth in international climate commitments, Ellipse allows users to manage their climate goals by offering the option to track emissions in real-time across scope 1, 2, and 3, design decarbonisation strategies, chart their progress and optimise sustainability investments.

As a ‘global leader’ in the zero carbon transition, Catherine MacGregor, CEO, ENGIE, said that Ellipse was developed as a way for businesses to implement plans based around carbon reduction.

“Ellipse works as a strategic tool to help organisations make informed decisions and reach their net zero emissions goals,” she added.

In addition to building an accurate emissions footprint, the technology uses machine learning algorithms for scenario modelling and data gathering to allow for identification of hot spots and mitigation scenarios.