The Linde Group has agreed to take part in a joint cooperative project with leading chemical company BASF and German electricity producer RWE Power, to develop new CO2 capture technologies for combustion gases in coal-fired power plants.

Linde will be responsible for the engineering and construction of a pilot facility at the lignite-fired power plant of RWE Power AG in Niedaraussem.

Testing of new developments and solvents from BASF for the capture of CO2, so-called CO2 scrubbing, will take place at the planned facility and this is the long-term purpose to gain an understanding of processes and plant engineering to improve CO2 capture technology.

Dr. Aldo Belloni, member of the Executive Board of Linde AG, commented, “This promising co-operation of 3 responsible major companies can provide an important impetus to climate protection. It is the aim of the Linde Group to help reduce emissions wherever possible.”

The overall target is to apply CO2 capture commercially in lignite-fired power plants by 2020, with new technology enabling the 3 companies to remove more than 90% of CO2 from the combustion gas of a power plant.