A new precision dry ice blast cleaning and product finishing system has been introduced to the market, after Cold Jet announced the arrival of the i³ MicroClean.

Featuring Cold Jet's patented shaved dry ice and feeder technologies technology, the i³ MicroClean provides plastic manufacturers with an environmentally responsible and safe way to clean delicate surfaces and complex mould cavities.

The precision system cleans without abrasion and while moulds are still hot and in the press, which significantly reduces cleaning time and impact on production.

Cold Jet's patented shaved dry ice and feeder technologies deliver consistently sized shaved dry ice particles for complex cleaning and product finishing applications.

The new i³ MicroClean is a low-flow system that requires less ice for optimum performance on micro-cavities and moulds with unique geometries, while the variable feed allows for optimized ice-to-air ratio and minimum waste.

$quot;The new i³ MicroClean was designed specifically for our precision plastics manufacturers to help protect their investments in their delicate product moulds and equipment, and to ensure they produce the highest quality end products every time,$quot; said Gene Cooke, President and CEO of Cold Jet.

$quot;Traditional cleaning methods can be time consuming and costly, requiring prolonged production downtime and machine disassembly that places equipment at risk. The mobile i³ MicroClean works wherever it is needed, delivering a consistent, reliable and safe clean for a wide-variety of applications.$quot;

Cooke added, $quot;We are seeing tremendous interest in our precision dry ice blasting systems from medical device manufacturers who are looking for faster, more effective ways to clean the delicate substrates, intricate geometries or tiny openings found on product moulds. In addition, many are embracing our systems as part of their deburring and deflashing processes in efforts to enhance their product finishing efforts.$quot;

Dry ice blasting uses recycled CO2 in the form of non-abrasive dry ice pellets or blocks, for a variety of cleaning applications. The dry ice media, blasted using pressurized air at user-controlled speeds, sublimates upon impact with the surface being cleaned, lifting away dirt and contaminants without leaving behind any secondary waste.