Enhanced Oil Resources, Inc. (EOR) continues to plough CO2 into its Milnesand oil recovery field, with the pilot project demonstrating ever-improving oil production levels as a result.

Since 1st September 2008, approximately 80 million cubic feet (MMCF) of CO2 has been injected into the company's 40 acre, five spot test pattern - with current oil production attributed to CO2 injection at around 3338 BOPD, a trend which continues to improve.

Through injection optimisation, EOR continues to find the current oil response encouraging and ahead of initial predictions. Based on this response, the company's technical team estimates that the CO2 pilot is close to reaching its intended objective of proving the applicability of tertiary oil recovery, at its wholly owned 6,800 acre Milnesand San Andres Field.

The initial CO2 slug injection phase is expected to reach completion by the beginning of Q3 2009, where it will then switch to the water alternating gas (WAG) phase evaluation stage.

Milnesand is located approximately 8 miles south east of the company-owned Chaveroo San Andres Field, with independent EOR consultants (Advanced Resources International) carrying out a proprietary study of both fields and previously estimating that these could recover an additional 53 million barrels of oil - using state of the art CO2 injection processes.

An earlystage company, EOR operates with two principal business segments, notably crude oil and natural gas production through enhanced oil recovery projects in the Permian Basin, and helium and CO2 resource exploration & production through property interests it controls in 251,000 gross acres of land within the St Johns Helium/CO2 field in Arizona and New Mexico.

The company is developing what is thought to be the largest undeveloped helium and carbon dioxide field in North America, and has now received conditional approval for the formation of the St Johns Gas Unit, a 171,000 acre unit, located in Apache County, Arizona.