A growing company in the dry ice industry, enotech offers customers a wide range of services and solutions throughout Europe, while also playing a key role in the evolving dry ice market.

Founded as a ‘small stock corporation’ in 2001 by the brothers Winfried, Matthias and Guido Peschke, together with Klaus Klein, enotech AG began with services to the automotive industry and later made its foray into the industrial gas business.

In the first year after its foundation, the company was involved exclusively in the use of laser technology for cleaning tyre moulds, its services offered to well-known tyre manufacturers in Europe by order.

In the past however, founder and current Managing Director, Winfried Peschke, had also been involved in the gases industry as an employee of Linde AG in Germany for four years, after which he was head of a dry ice production plant near Frankfurt until 2000.

As a result of his experience in dry ice production, Peschke developed the first dry ice press in 2002 and opened up a new manufacturing plant in Dieburg for enotech’s production of dry ice. Ever since starting production, enotech – as a small and flexible company – has also been able to supply its customers with dry ice at short notice.

Following the foundation of its industrial dry ice cleaning subsidiary, enotech Trockeneis GmbH, production has been increased through the purchase of its first pelletizing machine for dry ice.

enotech Trockeneis GmbH
Founded 2003, enotech Trockeneis GmbH operates in the field of industrial cleaning by dry ice, with dry ice blasting plants throughout Europe used for this.

In contrast to other suppliers, enotech has concentrated on finding new applications for niche markets and manufacturing the special equipment this requires.

enotech Personalservice GmbH
Taking into account the large fluctuations due to the type of operation, a steady rise in staff requirements has been secured through the foundation of enotech Personalservice GmbH.

Having established the Trockeneis brand, Peschke went on to found another enotech company in 2003, in the shape of enotech Personalservice GmbH.

enotech Gas GmbH
The constant rise in dry ice production has called for further investments in production equipment, with the company investing in the production of further presses at a new location in Nuremberg.

The development of further production locations resulted in a dedicated dry ice production company division being spun-off, into an independent subsidiary of enotech AG. Specially founded for this purpose was enotech Gas GmbH.

At the start of 2007, enotech Gas GmbH took over the dry ice business of enotech AG and is currently manufacturing dry ice for the German market at two locations.

Both locations use dry ice presses manufactured within the wider group, with enotech noting that the gas business and mechanical engineering will continue to be a focal point of its activities in the coming years.

SC enotech SRL
2008 saw enotech AG expand its core business in the tyre industry further, into other countries within the European Union, and the founding of Romanian company enotech SRL.

The group aims to offer its services on a large scale in Romania, with a laser plant and several dry ice blasting machines currently in use, and the production of dry ice planned for 2009.

A vision of the future
Enotech cites the reason for designing and constructing its own dry ice presses as primarily based upon an expectation of relatively low production capacity, and the intention of only buying a correspondingly small machine.

The company was unable to find a machine capable of fulfilling its demands and expectactations among existing manufacturers, and so embarked on dry ice press manufacture itself. Enotech’s dry ice presses DP100/1 and DP150/2 are the result of years of experience in the production of dry ice.

With its new series of machines, the company has been able to create an economic production plant for small and medium-sized production facilities. It notes that decentralized dry ice production is becoming increasingly significant, as a result of the constant rise in transport costs.

Both manufacturers and end-users of dry ice can now manufacture dry ice economically, using enotech’s high-performance and flexible series of presses.

A new market segment is being created, through which enotech can cover with its range of presses, while the company will also be able to offer a new pelletizer in the year to come (2009).