Xergi A/S has just landed a new order to build France’s largest biogas plant to date based on waste products from agriculture and the food industry.

The plant, which is Xergi’s fifth order in France in three years, is being supplied to the biogas company Méthalandes in the town of Hagetmau, south of Bordeaux in southwestern France.

A long-term marketing strategy and the strong technological development of Xergi’s biogas concept are cited as having ensured the continued growth of the company’s position in the international biogas industry.

“The new order shows that, as a result of a strong technological development and a long-term marketing strategy, we are continuing to strengthen our position in the international biogas industry. In this context, the fact that our technology is being given the stamp of approval by significant players like the leading French state-owned bank and Eneria Ren is an important step forward,” stated CEO Jørgen Ballermann from Xergi.

Biomass alternative energy green

Shareholders Eneria Ren and state-owned bank Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations are credited as being the drivers behind the plant.

Once up and running, the biogas plant in Hagetmau will treat a total of 153,000 tons of biomass annually. The biogas obtained will be used to produce 37.8 million kWh of electricity, or the equivalent of 9,000 households’ combined electricity consumption.

Construction will start during first quarter 2014, and the plant will be put into operation in 2015.