Equigas, a gas equipment distributor, is now a North American stocking distributor for CIMC Enric’s cryogenic bulk tanks.

CIMC Enric

Source: Equigas

CIMC Enric has six state of the art factories in China that produce the value chain of cryogenic storage and transport equipment. The company’s products are sold in over 150 countries.

“CIMC Enric is excited to work with Equigas to bring our line of cryogenic bulk storage tanks to the US,” said David Barr, CIMC Enric’s Vice-President in North America.

“Equigas’ superior customer service and reputation perfectly match CIMC Enric’s customer driven focus to the customer.”

Equigas will be storing CIMC Enric’s super insulated cryogenic bulk tanks in Greensboro North Carolina, beginning with tank sizes from 1,500 gal to 9,000 gals.

For tanks ranging from 9,000 gal up to 100,000 gal, Equigas and CIMC Enric will offer a made to order solution.

“We offer nothing but the best quality products and CIMC Enric will perfectly complement our portfolio of cryogenic products with their impeccable quality and their amazing capability to turn around projects with the best of lead times,” said Rafael Arvelo, General Manager at Equigas.