Calibration gas manufacturer Scientific and Technical Gases Ltd. (StG) has launched a new line of gas products that use exclusive Superior Gas Stability™ (SGS™) refillable aluminum cylinders manufactured by Luxfer Gas Cylinders. 

StG is one of Europe’s largest independent suppliers of calibration gases, offering products such as high-purity carrier gases, hydrocarbon gases, research gases, and related equipment.

The SGS cylinders are manufactured at Luxfer’s facility in Nottingham, England, and are available in sizes ranging from 0.85 liters of water volume to more than 40 liters. StG is initially using 0.85-liter and 1.6-liter cylinders.

Calibration gases — which often include hydrogen sulfide or other poisonous, corrosive, flammable, or explosive gases — are generally contained in one-time-use disposable cylinders. Luxfer’s SGS cylinders can be refilled multiple times, providing a safer, more economical, and more ecologically responsible solution both to gas containment and cylinder disposal.

Calibration gases can also become unstable and ineffective if they react with cylinder interior surfaces. Because of a proprietary manufacturing process, SGS cylinders have a consistently non-reactive, high-performance internal surface that keeps calibration gases stable longer.

“These new SGS cylinders from Luxfer provide very stable gas environments that allow us to provide superior calibration packages to our customers,” said StG Chief Executive Chris Street. “Greater gas stability means longer shelf life for gas packages, and that is something our customers value. We hope to sell over $1 million of these SGS products in the coming year.”

Luxfer Marketing Director Manish Vadher commented, saying, “We were excited when Chris and the StG team came to us looking for a packaging solution. Our refillable SGS cylinders not only have ideal internal surfaces for high-purity gases, they are an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional non-refillable cylinders.”