To facilitate the work of hospital staff (in particular in emergency rooms) and ambulance attendants, Air Liquidelaunched in 2013 the first medical oxygen cylinder with a digital interface.

Thanks to its electronic information system, this new cylinder - called TAKEO™ - allows the user to see the remaining consumption time until the oxygen runs out. This new generation of cylinders that improve user safety is now available to healthcare professionals in many countries.

Designed by Air Liquide Healthcare, TAKEO represents a new technological solution in the field of medical oxygen. Thanks to its “intelligent” digital display, TAKEO is the first medical oxygen cylinder that allows medical staff to know how long they have until the oxygen runs out, emitting a warning sound when the oxygen level is low. These new functions therefore improve patient safety and optimize oxygen consumption.

This aluminum cylinder is also lighter and easier to handle for the medical staff thanks to its new ergonomic design.

Air Liquide Healthcare is now offering this new solution in many countries around the world. It will continue to be rolled out throughout 2014, with around 100,000 more cylinders being made available over the next two years. TAKEO is already being used in 15 countries, including Germany, Australia, Canada, Chile, Spain, and France.

Pascal Vinet, Vice President, Healthcare Global Operations and member of the Air Liquide Group Executive Committee, said,  “Thanks to this unique innovative product, Air Liquide Healthcare is providing solutions that meet the needs of healthcare professionals while ensuring patient safety. As a major player in the medical gas industry, Air Liquide Healthcare combines the production of medical gases with the development of innovative equipment and distribution systems. Increasing patient safety is at the heart of the development strategy of all our new products.”