Emerson Climate Technologies has introduced an automated gas-pressure delivery solution featuring variable speed Copeland Scroll® compressor technology.

The new, automated, gas-pressure boosting and control solutions are easily configured and offer application flexibility, higher single-stage pressure capability, lower maintenance costs and reduced sound levels when compared to conventional compressor-based systems. 

Many industrial and commercial facilities require higher gas supply pressure than is available from adjacent gas utility pipelines or conventional on-site tank systems.  As a result, end-use customers must absorb costly pipeline pressure upgrades, install gas pressure boosting equipment or bear the inherently higher costs associated with delivering and refilling of on-site, higher pressure gas storage and distribution systems.

Emerson’s new offering provides cost-effective, flexible gas-pressure/flow delivery and automated control.  The systems feature standardized equipment assemblies, configured for the specific application. Pressure and flow control systems are integrated to match specific site or process operating conditions. Many applications require constant discharge pressure as high as 150-200 psig - independent of the flow condition or demand change.  With Emerson’s automated gas system capability, many dry gas streams can be boosted and controlled to discharge pressures of up to 300 psig. These systems can be deployed in a wide variety of industrial facilities and processes.