With Kin-Tek’s new Trace Source™ permeation tubes, users can blend gas calibration standards for air analysis for many hazardous air pollutants (HAPs). 

Over 80 HAPs are currently available in Trace Source™ tubes.  Applications include formaldehyde, hydrazines, ethylene glycol, cresols, naphthalene, and 15 other compounds not available as ‘cylinder’ mixtures. A selection of tube types with varying emission rates is available.

Trace Source™ permeation tubes emit a constant flow of vapor that is used to dynamically blend low-pressure gas mixtures.  Emission flow measurements are traceable to NIST through fundamental measurements (weight change, temperature, etc.).  Mixing the emission flow with a traceable flow dilution gas creates a traceable mixture. Concentration can be adjusted by adjusting dilution flow rate.

Kin-Tek also offers permeation tubes for nitric acid vapor. Used to calibrate air monitors, trace concentration mixtures of nitric acid vapor are particularly difficult to prepare and store due to the aggressive chemical properties of nitric acid. 

Kin-Tek’s Trace Source™ permeation tubes use a mixture of reagent grade nitric and sulfuric acids as the analyte source. The sulphuric acid binds the water, reducing water emission to negligible levels.  Emission of the sulfuric acid is extremely low compared to that of nitric acid, so the emission is primarily nitric acid.  Formation of nitrogen oxides in the vapor is minimized by dynamically blending the emission to form trace concentration mixtures that are then used immediately.

Tubes are available for concentrations from low ppb to about 10 ppm in 1 l/min dilution flow.