SGD Inc. has announced the introduction of its new improved 8010 gas purifier and cartridges used for the removal of impurities from gases. 

Standard cartridges are filled with 13Xmolecular sieve, 4A molecular sieve, or activated charcoal. Cartridges with other purifying media are available on request

These new 8010 purifier housing has a machined aluminum body and nickel plated brass head. The new 8010 cartridges add a new dimension in purity to this product line.  The cartridge body is machined aluminum and seals in the purifier housing with an o-ring, thus offering a significantly higher level package than the tin can type cartridge offered by similar competitive units.

The 8010 cartridges are sealed in an aluminum screw top can that was tested and passed a helium leak test of 1 X 10-13 before being approved as the cartridge storage container. To improve storage life time, these cans are purged with dried nitrogen as the cartridges are inserted and the top screwed on. 

Integrity of the cartridge is further insured by the application of a tamper-proof seal. The screw top eliminates the pull-tab top previously used providing a safer package.

The 8010 cartridges are interchangeable with gas purifier housings already in service supplied by SGD, MATHESON, and all other companies offering similar purifiers.