Is the gas mixture right? The new gas analysis device MFA 9000 by WITT-Gasetechnik (gas technology) answers this question in more detail.

The analyzer that can be used for many applications, and is now capable of determining the composition of 13 mixtures from two gases. The MFA 9000 analyzes the common technical gases: nitrogen, carbon dioxide, argon, hydrogen, helium as well as methane. Results are given in percentages of each gas on the digital display, or as ppm share (parts per million). N reference gas is required.

The measurement follows the principle of thermal conductivity, with results in as little as one second. Calibration is via a standard 2-point calibration or in simplification with one gas. Due to its compact dimensions of just 240 x 231 x 230 mm (w x h x d) the new MFA 9000 is portable, requiring 230 V for operation. The gas pressure range is 1.5 to 20 bar; the flow rate is 40-150 Nl/h.