Special equipment produced by Cryogenmash has been certificated for supply to the stringently regulated People’s Republic of China, following an audit by the Central Administrative Board Commission for the quality audit, inspection and quarantine.

As a result of the audit, Cryogenmash has received a license for the rights to produce vessels under pressure of category A1 (single-layered vessels under high pressure) and of category A2, for supply to industry in China.

Certification runs until 15th January 2012.

Chinese legislation makes special demands for the imported production of industrial purposes, assigned for installation at dangerous or potentially hazardous environments. Presently, Cryogenmash is just the third Russian enterprise to obtain such a license at once for two categories of vessels under pressure.

Dmitry Ermolov, General Director of Cryogenmash, commented, “The quality of production has always been and remains one of the main priorities of our work. The export share is getting closer to 40%, that’s why we pay special attention to the licensing on a foreign market.”

“Now to already existing American certification ASME and European AD-2000, the Chinese certification was added that will lead to the extension of our presence at this perspective market.”

In 2001, Cryogenmash was one of the first companies to get the certificate of conformance to the International Standard of quality ISO9001 and has the relevant licences in Russia (Rostechnadzor, GOST – R, RosAviakosmos), the certifications ASME (2006) and AD-2000 (2006).