Witt Gas Techniques Ltd, the Cheshire based gas safety, control, mixing and analysis equipment supplier, has produced a new Flashback Arrestor and related equipment guide and made the manual available as a free of charge PDF document.

The new 9-page comprehensive document provides the reader with details of all the welding and flammable gas safety equipment available from Witt Gas Techniques and contains the specifics of maximum working pressures and gas flows, and all the safety elements applicable to each product. The guide covers flashback arrestors for torches, hoses, regulators, outlet points, pipelines and cutting machines as well as information on quick couplings, pressure regulators, outlet points and other specialist equipment.

Carl Long, general manager at Witt Gas Tchniques, said, $quot;Thiss free of charge comprehensive and useful document is an all in one guide to all our welding and gas safety products, which will enable the end user to select the correct product for the correct application.$quot;

The PDF document can be easily obtained by sending an e-mail to info@witt.co.uk.