Improving accuracy, durability and value, a new Series 30 line of medium-duty regulators, flowmeter regulators and flow gauges has been released by Smith Equipment.

The Series 30 products replace Smith's current 1700 and 1900 series regulators and will help customers consolidate and reduce the cost of their inventory, while still achieving the best performance. The range also offers higher quality in one product line and more competitive prices.

Featuring Smith's new Sure Seat™ technology that prevents debris and ice from entering the seat during operation, the Series 30 regulators reduce failures common with non-filtered designs to extend welding and cutting time and save money associated with related downtime or part replacements.

Series 30 regulators provide highly accurate outlet readings to ensure precision performance, while flow gauge models offer CO2 outlet readings as high as 35 CFH (cubic feet per hour) without freezing or blocking gas flow and each gauge is covered by Smith's 3 year limited warranty.

To ensure durability and extend service life, the range has been manufactured from the highest quality industrial materials, with diaphragms constructed of ultra-strong laminated neoprene with reinforced nylon fibre and a sturdy copper and nickel filter surrounding the company's Sure-Seat design.