Following a significant sell-off in the Indian financial markets analysts are recommending Everest Kanto as a good bet for investors.

Ideally, investors should be invested in stocks that will hold even with adverse swings in the market, and recover fast when the sentiment improves. The idea is to invest in stocks that have lower momentum and are not cyclical in nature.

Therefore, local analysts are speculating that their forward looking and long term business plans could make Everest Kanto a strong investment in a wobbly market. They are the market leader in cylinder sales in the region and should which will benefit hugely from growing domestic demand.

The company has the first mover advantage and is the only listed player available in the industry. Driven by deficit production and growing domestic demand, the company is expecting a 50 per cent growth over the next two years. Furthermore, CNG stations in India are expected to double by 2010 from the current 350, and the industry is expected to grow at 30 per cent annually.