ErreDue on-site gas generators produce gas on demand – avoiding any waste.

Every ErreDue laboratory generator is designed to make laboratories self-sufficient in producing their own technical gases using safe technologies. The companies target is to eliminate the use of gas cylinders, avoiding the risks of potentially dangerous materials’ storage and handling – ensuring continuity of work and laboratory operators’ safety.

Using a gas generator eliminates the risks associated with pressurised gas cylinder handling and with storing gas inside or close to the lab. It also reduces costs: no more downtime due to cylinder switching, no more transport costs or rental of gas cylinders, allowing lab independence from fluctuations of gas cost and availability.

ErreDue gas generators produce only gas requested from the utility, avoiding any waste and avoiding residual gas check or shortage. They are also now easier to use – rather than having a totally automated functioning, they can be managed through their integrated touchscreen display, computer or mobile app.

Each product is designed and manufactured in Italy, certified and tested, to always guarantee maximum reliability.

The MARS hydrogen generator

The MARS hydrogen generator