Chart Industries Inc. Distribution and Storage Group (Chart D&S) announced today that base prices on its atmospheric and CO2 bulk tanks are being increased, with its surcharge schedules to continue to be adjusted on monthly basis.

Product costs and other raw material costs have been cited as the reason for such increases and Tom Carey, President of Chart D&S, stated, “Our product costs have escalated since our last published base price adjustment in November 2007. As a result, base pricing will be increased by 4% for atmospheric and CO2 bulk tanks effective for orders placed on or after 15th July 2008.”

“Carbon steel plate used for the outer vessel material in bulk tanks has been leading our cost increases for 2008, but other materials and freight costs also are trending upwards. Concurrently, nickel raw material costs have abated recently, but total stainless surcharge is increasing due to escalations in the chromium, iron and energy portions of the applicable stainless index. Chart continues to adjust surcharges applicable to bulk and packaged gas equipment monthly.”

The new surcharge and list price schedules are available on the Chart Industries website at

Chart is a leading independent global manufacturer of highly engineered equipment used in the production, storage and end-use of hydrocarbon and industrial gases.