The year of 2014 saw Eseye recognised as an IoT Star of the Future and, subsequently, has been invited to join industry giants in the steering committee for CISCO’s Internet of Things World Forum (IoTWF).

Recognising the rapid growth in demand for connections between people and devices, Cisco encourages companies, entrepreneurs and innovators to create and improve IoT solutions that will transform and develop industries.

This visionary approach has seen Cisco establish a number of events which bring together the brightest minds in the IoT space, allowing them to share ideas and presenting them with a chance to showcase their areas of excellence.

Earlier this week the ‘Cisco Grand Innovation Challenge’ was announced, offering $250.000 in prizes, and calling on enterprises to develop solutions that can use Internet of Things (IoT) to revolutionise businesses.

The IoTWF is an established annual premier leadership forum, hosted by Cisco, which brings together the industry leaders in all spheres of business for networking and creation of the generic IoT system. This is a look into tomorrow, a breakthrough in business processes, models and services, and an opportunity to take ventures forward by developing new solutions.

Activities for 2015 will culminate in a December Internet of Things World Forum event where key stakeholders and innovators from the IoT industry’s leaders in public sector, private business and education will gather to collaborate and partner, looking to drive IoT adoption. Topics will include standards and interoperability, security, privacy and compliance, innovations, start-ups and IoT trends, as well as the challenges and opportunities seen in vertical markets.

“Eseye’s invitation to join the IoT World Forum steering committee is recognition of our credentials as an experienced solutions provider for IoT. With customers in 96 countries, and a heritage counting hundreds of device projects across a multitude of different markets, we believe that we are perfectly positioned to add real customer, market and technical insights and thereby value in this new tenure,” said Julian Hardy, Eseye CEO.

Find Eseye at the third annual Internet of Things World Forum (IoTWF) in Dubai between 6th and 8th December 2015.