German corporation ETW Energietechnik GmbH has developed new equipment that precisely blends two different gas streams into a homogeneous fuel mixture for combined heat and power (CHP).

Etw energietechnik

ETW Energietechnik’s technology compensates shrinking heating values by gradually enriching biogas with natural gas (NG). The blending process is completely automated and has been designed to consume the lowest possible amounts of NG.

The invention aims to eliminate start-up problems associated with low methane (CH4) concentrations. As such, the solution enables the operation of CHPs with CH4 concentrations lower than 30% and aims to improve the feasibility of land-fill gas and other CHPs by increasing lifetime, availability and economic viability.


ETW Energietechnik focuses on cogeneration for self-sufficient energy supply, and offers solutions for the utilisation of renewable and fossil fuels such as biogas, landfill gas, sewage and other special gases, natural gas and coal mine gas.