Energy solutions provider ETW Energietechnik has developed a pressure swing adsorption (PSA) technology to improve and optimise biogas upgrading technology.

The German corporation’s team of adsorption specialists designed the SmartCycle PSA to use an extremely low energy consumption of 0.14KWh/Nm3 via a dry, low maintenance compressor technology with a high availability.

As a result, the plant automatically adjusts pressure swing cycles to varying inlet gas quality and volume flow, enabling operator control over gas purity or desired heating value.

A spokesperson from ETW explained, “That’s why the operation of the SmartCycle PSA is considered extremely simple and effortless. In addition, no other consumables than electricity are demanded, resulting in extremely low operating costs in any operation situation.”

In total, ETW has built four large-scale SmartCycle PSA plants which have produced an overall on-stream time of more than 80,000 hours and 99% availability and purity.

The SmartCycle PSA is aimed towards waste or sewage plants that deal with varying biogas qualities and flows or for companies that shift between the electricity and renewable natural gas (RNG) markets.