The New Year begins in the classroom for Air Products. Just this week, the North American industrial gases firm joined forces with The National Children’s Museum to educate the next generation about sustainable energy.
The museum’s newest exhibit, offers children the opportunity to discover the importance of sustainable futures via a contemporary interactive experience. Air Products has provided materials for the role-play gallery, ‘Living and Working Together’. Occupying centre stage at the Garage section of the child-sized town is an Air Products hydrogen car fuel pump.
Ian Williamson, Director of Hydrogen Energy Systems at Air Products, and President of the European Hydrogen Association, said, “We are passionate about developing a greener future for everyone and have installed over 120 hydrogen fuelling stations around the world. Raising public awareness about the benefits of hydrogen fuel is an important part of the work we do. Our involvement with Eureka! is a fantastic way to spread the word about hydrogen energy to future generations.”
The National Children’s Museum, Eureka! hopes to educate children about alternative sources of energy. The exhibit is juxtaposed against conventional fuel pump exhibitions, allowing future generations to discern for themselves the benefits of alternative energy.