With the news that three senior executive leaders within the European gases business are confirmed to speak at gasworld’s Europe Industrial Gas Summit 2020 this June, here we look at the profile of those esteemed keynotes.

Stefan Messer (Messer Group), Eduardo Gil Elejoste (Nippon Gases Europe) and Bernardo Sestini (SIAD Group) were all announced as speakers at the event’s launch.

Senior executives to speak at Europe Industrial Gas Summit

Four additional speakers have also been revealed for the Summit, which takes place on 2-3rd June 2020 at the New York Palace hotel in Budapest, Hungary.

The programme for the event will see the theme of A Market Redefined discussed and debated through a series of talks covering everything from visions for Europe to digitisation, carbon dioxide (CO2) and the circular economies and the opportunities ahead in the clean energies transition.

The following speakers are confirmed to be participating so far, with more announcements to follow in the weeks ahead.

Eduardo Gil Elejoste, Nippon Gases Europe

Eduardo Gil Elejoste joined the industrial gas company that would later become Praxair Europe and now Nippon Gases Europe in 1981, in the Sales Department of Iberia and held several roles with increasing responsibility in the Sales & Marketing area until 1996.

In 1996 he was promoted to the role of business development director for Europe and in 2000, to marketing director for Europe. In 2004 he moved to Düsseldorf, Germany as CEO of the Germany and Benelux business, before returning to Spain to become the CEO of the Iberia business in 2008.

Budapest eduardo gil

Source: gasworld

In 2016 he became President of the European organisation and in 2019, following the acquisition of Praxair’s business in Europe and the formation of Nippon Gases Europe, he was promoted to the role of Board Member of TNSC while continuing as President of Nippon Gases Europe.

Eduardo holds a degree in Industrial Engineering (Bilbao) and an Executive MBA (Madrid) and will outline Nippon Gases Europe’s Vision for Europe as the event’s official Opening Keynote talk.

Budapest bernardo sestini

Source: gasworld

Bernardo Sestini, SIAD Group

A native of Bergamo, Italy and a graduate of the Faculty of Political and Social Sciences of the University of Milan, Bernardo Sestini is the CEO of Bergamo-based SIAD S.p.A and represents the fourth generation of family leadership at the helm of the independent Tier 2 player.

SIAD was founded in 1927 by Prof. Quirino Sestini and Bernardo Sestini, and is one of the most important Italian chemical groups in the area of industrial gases, engineering, healthcare, services and industrial goods.

Having previously spoken at gasworld’s MENA Industrial Gas Conference 2013 in Dubai (UAE) and been at Chair at gasworld’s Europe Industrial Gas Conference 2016, Sestini returns to the stage in Budapest this summer to provide insight into the success story of an independent player in the European (and global) industrial gases business and how it sees the future for the region.

Budapest Stefan Messer

Source: gasworld

Stefan Messer, Messer Group

Arguably one of the most recognised names and faces in the global gases industry, Stefan Messer is the owner and CEO of the Messer Group.

Though originally formed in 1898 by Adolf Messer, the Messer Group has been through decades of growth, consolidation and market development, including growth in Europe and North America, and enjoyed a strong global footprint at the time of its centenary in 1998.

But a period of investor instability and restructuring ensued in the years that followed, which eventually saw two-thirds of the company sold off – with Air Liquide picking up Messer’s industrial gas operations in the UK, US and Germany in 2004. Simultaneously, the Messer family, through its holding company Messer Industrie GmbH (MIG), announced that it would acquire the remaining shares in the old Messer Group, a transaction that was completed in May 2004 and saw Stefan Messer (Adolf Messer’s grandson) restore the group’s status as a family-owned business.

It also marked the birth of the Messer Group as we know it today, and Messer has held the position of owner and CEO ever since.

The Messer Group as we know it today has in fact evolved and expanded, however, with its return to the Americas market in 2018 after a 14-year absence – an opportunity in M&A that Messer himself personally embarked upon and described to gasworld as “the biggest decision I have ever made in my life.”

Stefan Messer: The biggest decision I have ever made

The decision to acquire substantially all of Linde’s US bulk business, and its businesses in Brazil, Canada and Colombia as a result of the Praxair-Linde merger divestments represents the major milestone in the company’s 120+ year history

“It is the last chance for Messer to return with remarkable business opportunities to the important US market,” Messer told us at the time of the announcement. On the stage in Budapest this summer, he will share more about that momentous opportunity as well as the journey ahead in the group’s native Europe market.

Messer Group – A snapshot

The Messer Group is the world’s largest owner-managed industrial gases company, headquartered in Bad Soden, near Frankfurt, Germany

  • Founded in 1898
  • More than 11,000 employees worldwide
  • Owner and CEO – Stefan Messer
  • Product portfolio ranging from acetylene to xenon
  • Consolidated sales of €1.3bn in 2018

Tim Evison, Messer Group

Tim Evison has been with the Messer Group since 1991 and is a member of the group’s Senior Advisory Board.

Budapest Tim Evison

Source: gasworld

Evison last spoke at a gasworld event as recently as December 2018, at the Asia-Pacific Industrial Gas Conference 2018 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. At that time, in his role as senior vice-president of Group Business Development at Messer Consulting, he was responsible for business development across the group and for the ASEAN region in particular.

At the Europe Industrial Gas Summit 2020 in Budapest, he will discuss the challenges, opportunities and responsibilities of investing in Eastern Europe both in terms of business development and social/societal impact.

Budapest henrik lyhne

Source: gasworld

Henrik Lyhne, Pentair Union Engineering

Henrik Lyhne is Global Sales Leader at Pentair Union Engineering and a member of the site management team at the Union Engineering entity.

He joined Union Engineering in 2008 as General Sales Manager; leading the sales and back office teams responsible for the sales to the global industrial gas segment. Since the Pentair acquisition of Union Engineering in 2017, he has been involved in the integration work of the companies to form the new business unit that supplies leading-edge carbon dioxide (CO2) technology to the industrial, beverage, and biogas markets.

With Pentair being the market leader of innovative CO2 technologies, Lyhne is responsible for developing and coordinating the global projects and implementing new technologies for alternative and reliable feedgas sources. He is also entrenched in the changing CO2 supply chain as a result, and will share his insights into the blossoming area of CO2 and the circular economies with delegates at the Summit.

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