McPhy Energy has just signed an agreement to sell an integrated production-storage solution to Petawatt® Energy - Electrygen Pty Ltd, an independent developer and operator of sun, water and wind hydrogen energy production sites.

Combining McPhy Energy’s integrated solution with the fuel cell that it has developed will enable Petawatt® Energy to complete work to build its first sun, water and wind land-based hydrogen energy production system. This system is designed for both isolated and grid-connected sites across Australia and Oceania.

This first test system will be set up at Petawatt® Energy’s client demonstration site in Queensland State, Australia. It will be fitted with a small-capacity (4kg) solid hydrogen storage solution, making it possible to store 130 kW.

Colin Salmond, Petawatt® Energy’s Director, has just signed a purchase agreement with a regional client for various services, including the production of electricity, hot water, hydrogen energy and renewable energy certificates for 15 sites in Queensland.

“Following the success achieved with our major demonstration projects, including the multi-energy fuelling station at Berlin-Schönefeld airport in Germany, this first agreement with Petawatt® Energy confirms the outstanding reputation and above all the commercial potential of our integrated solid-state hydrogen production and storage solution serving the global energy market,” concludes Pascal Mauberger, President and CEO of McPhy Energy.